Michael Zmuda



DESIGN: Skilled in producing engaging results.

As a creative director I’ve produced layouts for catalogs and magazines. On the direct marketing side I’ve designed many profitable promotions.


Photoshop Illustration

ILLUSTRATION: Able to fill all graphic styles.

As a digital artist I’m experienced in working with Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator. I also work in traditional media, including acrylic paint and color pencils.


Photoshop Illustration

PHOTOGRAPHY: Professional and cost-saving solutions.

I work directly with photographers and designers to produce cost-effective results. I’m skilled in retouching, editing and compositing images in Adobe Photoshop.


WRITING:  Creative writing and research.

I’m experienced in filling direct marketing concept needs. I also write entertainment related articles and blogs. My biography about a show business family, THE FIVE SEDGWICKS, was recently published.

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